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09th Jun 2022

Netflix’s latest true crime doc about the horrors of the internet is coming soon

Sarah McKenna Barry

“The internet has opened up new pathways to make certain kinds of crimes easier.”

While we may spend hours on the internet these days, there is no denying that it can be a truly frightening placeĀ and a brand new Netflix documentary is set to lay that reality bare.

Web of Make Believe: Lies and the Internet is an anthology series in six parts, with each episode taking a look at some of the more concerning corners of the online world.

The official synopsis from Netflix states that the documentary will tell the stories of people “caught in the dark and twisted web of modern misinformation and digital deception”.

According to the streamer, one issue the series will examine is SWATting – which is the action of making a false report of a serious emergency so that a SWAT team will go to a person’s home.

It is said the show will also take “a chilling trip down the rabbit hole of white supremacy”, join a Federal hunt for a suspect in an IRS heist and touch upon Russian election interference.

Netflix states the series is “rich with distinctive characters and surprising plotlines”, and explores how “reality is distorted when the ordinary American household collides with a chaotic web of misinformation.”

In the trailer, one of the documentary’s participants says: “The internet has opened up new pathways to make certain kinds of crimes easier.”

Another contributor comments on one subject’s penchant for SWATting, saying: “He enjoyed SWATting people, it was his form of entertainment.”

The trailer also suggests the documentary will explore image-based sexual abuse scams.

One victim tells the camera: “I got a text message that said: ‘Send me a naked picture or I’ll kill you.'”

Another commenter shares: “If you allow the worst people in the world to have unrestrained abilities to hijack the biggest platforms in the world, there are going to be huge consequences.”

Web Of Make Believe: Death, Lies And The Internet comes to Netflix on 15 June.

You can watch the trailer for the series below.

Clip via Netflix

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