New documentary series examines three brutal murders and a mysterious satanic cult 1 year ago

New documentary series examines three brutal murders and a mysterious satanic cult

From the team that made The Jinx. This could be exceptional.

While the documentary genre has been around since the 1920s, it's arguable that we're living in its golden age and a large part of this is due to the prevalence of online streaming platforms.


However, in this online world, two titles really did kick-start the true crime documentary renaissance, Netflix's Making A Murderer and HBO's The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst.

Well, the producers of The Jinx are back with a new feature and their next documentary has a a more overt horror tone.

In 1979, Fall River, Massachusetts, was a town that was caught in the grips of the Satanic Panic.

The town saw three young women that were killed in a series of brutal murders.  During the investigations, police alleged a satanic cult was practicing human sacrifice. The cult leader, a man named Carl Drew, was captured and sent to prison for life without parole.

Twenty years after the trial, the lead investigator became so haunted by inconsistencies in the stories that he re-investigated his own case after he retired. Evidence surfaced bringing the entire story into question.

Fall river is also where Lizzie Borden lived, she was the main suspect in the 4 August  1892, axe murders of her father and stepmother. Borden was tried and acquitted of the murders.

As reported by Deadline, the new documentary series "will tell shocking true story of a town caught in the grips of the Satanic Panic, with new witnesses and evidence that shed light on murders that were thought to have been solved."


Fall River is produced by Blumhouse Television (The Jinx, No One Saw A Thing, The Loudest Voice).

At present, no premiere date has been set but the documentary will be shown on Epix in the US.

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