These new teasers for Fargo Season 3 perfectly sum up the show's amazingness 3 years ago

These new teasers for Fargo Season 3 perfectly sum up the show's amazingness

We're now a month away from Season 3 kicking off (in the States, at least), and we couldn't be more excited about returning to Fargo.

The first two seasons are up on Netflix - if you haven't watched them yet, rectify that mistake right now - and while Season 3 hasn't got a confirmed Irish premiere date just yet, Channel 4 has showed the first two seasons within a week of the U.S. screening dates, and that looks set to continue once it kicks off on April 19.


We've already been greeted to some fantastic teasers in the last few months, and we talked about them here and here, but with some new additions this week, we're going to do our best to try to work out just what the heck is going on here.

None of the teasers are longer than 15 or 30 seconds, and none of them seem to actually be spoiling anything at all, but no matter: We're going Marge Gunderson on this!

Teaser One: we can hear two people in a scuffle, what sounds like two shots from a gun with a silencer on it, and poor Santa gets taken out.

Teaser Two: Sitting at the counter in the diner is an unrecognisable Ewan McGregor as Ray Stussy and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Nikki Swango, and they are both what you might call Up To No Good. They move out when Officer Gloria Buggle (played by The Leftovers' Carrie Coon) arrives, and that not-very-subtle neon sign starts acting up.

Teaser Three: An air-conditioner is running at full power, and we go right through it, Fincher-style, and see outside into the snowy landscape of what we assume is Fargo. Why would someone have the air-conditioner running when there's a full on snow storm happening outside? Hmmm.


Teaser Four: Officer Buggle is driving through a snow storm, barely able to keep her car on the road, calling for "Donny" to come in (It's Always Sunny's Glenn Howerton played a Don Chumph in Season One, but things didn't end well for him, so we doubt it's him), when she sees something in the road. It's an air conditioner. So... Season 3 is about an evil air conditioner? That can't be right...

Teaser Five: Two old cars are driving towards each other. One is blowing thick black smoke out of the exhaust, the other has thick white smoke coming out the coughing driver's window. These two equal but opposite ends of whatever spectrum they're on drive right passed each other without incident. Which leads us nicely to...


Teaser Six: A far more recognisable Ewan McGregor, this playing Emmitt Stussy, the successful twin-brother of Ray from Teaser Two. It's clear from these 15 seconds that he's very successful - press notes tell us that he is "the parking lot king of Minnesota" - and also maybe a OCD-ish. We wonder if it was Emmitt and Ray driving past each other in Teaser Five, a kind of artful way of showing just how different they are?

Teaser Seven: Snowy forest, very arty, then an official paper slams into tree, informing us that someone has failed their urine analysis test. That would seem to indicate that someone important - we've a feeling it's a police officer? - has been doing some illegal drugs and got caught. Also, remember there was a guy in Season One who sold clean urine out of his van if you needed it? Maybe he's going to make a return here, since he's practically the only person Billy Bob Thornton didn't want to actively murder in that season.


Teaser Eight: The return of Officer Buggle, allowing old ladies to pass by first, before walking face first into a malfunctioning(?) automatic door. She just kinda gives up and leaves, before the door opens for a blown in piece of paper (is it that urine test again?), so the door is actually working just fine. Whatever's up, it's up with Buggle.

Teaser Nine: Not much to get from this one, other than somebody has obviously done a crime, and done it in a fur-lined khaki parka. Did we see anyone in the previous teasers wearing one? Not that we can recall.


So that's all the teasers so far, and what have we learned.

It involves air conditions and ... bad urine.

We can't wait!

UPDATED: Fox have just tweeted out an introduction to all of the characters and the famous people playing them. Again, doesn't give much away, but the line about the glue is pure Fargo dead-pan dark-humour.

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