The next batch of episodes in Season 4 of Rick and Morty will be here "sooner than later" 3 years ago

The next batch of episodes in Season 4 of Rick and Morty will be here "sooner than later"

No more long delays for Rick and Morty fans. Happy days.

Strange isn't a concept that frightens the creators of Rick and Morty.


After all, this is a show that decided to create a theme park inside of a human anatomy, put ants in the eyes of a salesman and gave Rick the power to manifest some sort of butt inside of a Shoney's coffee mug.

Well, a staggered release schedule for the episodes in Season 4 isn't exactly the strangest thing that you'll see on Earth dimension c-137, but that's exactly what fans got with the latest season.

On the plus side, the new deal that the creators have agreed with Adult Swim looks set to eradicate the lengthy waiting period between seasons. On the negative, Season 4 does have a delayed release.

Basically, it's being released in two parts.


At present, E4 viewers have been treated to two episodes of Season 4 - the third one, One Crew Over The Crewcoo's Morty, will be shown at 10pm on 4 December - but after that, there are only two more episodes to go in this part of the season.

We're saying part because even more episodes will eventually arrive, although a premiere date hasn't been set.

In an interview with Collider, Spencer Grammer (the voice of Summer) gave an encouraging update about when the next batch of episodes will arrive.

"We have, I think, two more episodes airing in this chunk," she said.


"And then we have another five coming out eventually, sooner than later. And then we also have, I know they’re working on season five. I hope we do get to explore more from her (Summer) background and the future and just in general."

Thankfully, it appears that most of the heavy lifting for the next batch of episodes has been done already.

"I just recorded 4.10 when I was in LA a few weeks ago but, those change a lot. I’ll be going back to do pick-ups probably for some of them. They’re revising and then re-writing certain things. So, we’re not finished yet but yes, I recorded all of them so far," added Grammer.

And that's the waaaaaaaay the news goes.