WATCH: Nic Cage in Con Air meets Snakes On A Plane, but on a boat, and with a jaguar 3 years ago

WATCH: Nic Cage in Con Air meets Snakes On A Plane, but on a boat, and with a jaguar

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The first trailer for Cage's new thriller does a much better job of telling the plot than we ever could.

It did seem there, for a little while, that Cage was having a bit of a career 180.


Mandy was an exceptional horror movie, and his upcoming Color Out Of Space was getting some very early positive reactions from festivals around the world.

So he is obviously still capable of delivering the goods, but we have a feeling that Primal won't be listed alongside his greatest hits.

Which isn't to say that the movie doesn't look like it could potentially be the most fun ever, because it absolutely does.

Cage plays a big game hunter, who is hired by zoos to capture endangered animals. He is travelling on a cargo ship with his latest batch of catches, including snakes and a big white jaguar, but the ship is also housing a dangerous political assassin (Lost's Kevin Durand), who is being watched over by top secret government agents (headed by Taken's Famke Janssen). But when he breaks free, he also lets all the dangerous animals go free, too.


So... yeah, Con Air meets Snakes On A Plane.

But on a boat.

And with other, more dangerous animals in the mix, too.

You can see from the trailer that Cage has been completely, eh, uncaged by director Nick Powell (who previously directed Cage in Outcast, a film we'd never heard of until right now).


Primal doesn't have an Irish release date just yet, but it is released in U.S. cinemas on Friday 8 November this year, so we hopefully shouldn't have too much longer to wait after that!

Clip via Defiant Screen Entertainment

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