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02nd Jun 2024

Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron’s x-rated scene sparks controversy

Ryan Price

The trailer for the upcoming film looks very steamy.

The trailer for A Family Affair starring Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron has just dropped, and fans are reacting to one steamy scene in particular.

The romantic comedy also stars Joey King and Kathy Bates and will be released on Netflix on 28th June.

The story of the film follows a young woman named Zara, played by King, who works as an assistant for a selfish and womanizing movie star, Chris Cole, played by Zac.

After Zara quits working for her boss, she is horrified to discover that he and her widowed mother are having an affair.

The opening scene shows Zara walking in on an extremely awkward surprise – her mum and boss rolling around in bed together.

Upon seeing this, Zara spins on the spot and collides directly with the wall, knocking her unconscious.

(Image: Netflix/Screenshot)

Speaking about the scene, Joey King revealed to Tudum that she had to do it about three times to get it right.

“I took a moment to watch those takes back and decided I needed to keep trying until it was perfect,” King said. “The hit on the head wasn’t looking real enough to me.”

“Nicole and Zac were there watching me even when they were finished with their part of the scene,” King recalled. “They were filming me on their phones and cracking up.”

The film contains several raunchy scenes between the Hollywood pair, with many people on social media remarking on the 20-year age gap between the Aussie and the American.

It’s not the first time Efron and Kidman have appeared in a film together, as they previously acted alongside each other in the 2012 crime drama The Paperboy, which is inspired by a true story.

(Image: Netflix/Screenshot)

“Isn’t she way older than him?” one person asked on Twitter, while another wrote, “Wait what? Don’t they have a big age gap?”

“He’s his mother’s age,” another quipped.

“Isn’t he young enough to be her son?,” another said.

One wrote, “Weird couple!!! I can’t imagine there is any chemistry! Lol.”

Director Richard LaGravenese (P.S. I Love You) told PEOPLE in April that the spark between Efron and Kidman in A Family Affair was “an answered prayer — something you hope for but can’t plan.”

“The interplay between Joey and Zac’s characters as an assistant and star is so much fun,” added LaGravenese.

“I also love the mother-daughter role reversal where the daughter becomes the disapproving, judgmental, suspicious parent and the mother is sneaking around her back having a love affair that makes her feel like she’s come back to life.”

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