Nigel Farage compares UK's Brexit vote to Ireland's fight for independence 4 years ago

Nigel Farage compares UK's Brexit vote to Ireland's fight for independence

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

The Late Late Show was on the road in London on Friday night in special celebration of the Irish in Britain.


The show had a wide range of guests including Brendan O'Carroll, Laura Whitmore, Angela Scanlon and Imelda May.

It also had a panel to talk about Brexit which consisted of Nigel Farage, Alaistair Campbell, Dee Doocey and Liam Halligan.

Naturally, they all got along swimmingly... or not.

It was a heated discussion but the temperature rose even further in the room when Farage compared Britain's decision to leave the EU with the 1916 rising and Ireland's fight for independence.


"The European Union is the most anti-democratic structure that has ever been designed by man," Farage said. "They want to build a superstate with an army, and they’ve got their currency … What we did, is we looked at it and we said it’s not benefitting us in any way at all and we voted for one simple thing; independence.

"We wanted to be free to run our own country, run our own affairs, just as Ireland did 100 years ago."

This caused some outbursts in the audience to which Farage turned and asked the audience directly: "This is fascinating, why would you fight against British control for 500 years and now be happy to be governed by a bunch of unelected, old men in Brussels?

"You can look at it how you want, if you’re part of the European Union, you don’t make your own laws, other courts rule over you."


Have a look at the full clip below...

Clip via The Late Late Show