WATCH: The first teaser for No Time To Die has arrived 1 year ago

WATCH: The first teaser for No Time To Die has arrived

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The first look at Bond's 25th outing seems to hint at a truly creepy villain.

Anyone else getting a Joker vibe from that main image? Remember the posters doing the rounds in the lead up to The Dark Knight, with the Joker on one side of warped glass? That is definitely the vibe we're getting with that.


Although we do know that Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody, Mr. Robot) has been cast as the bad guy and rumour has it Christoph Waltz will be returning to his role of Blofeld, so quite who that is above is beyond us.

Obviously we're in the middle of a guessing game, because there isn't A LOT to go on in this 15-second teaser for No Time To Die, which tells us that the full trailer will actually be dropping this Wednesday (4 December).

But that doesn't mean we can't still have a lot of fun speculating from what we're getting glimpses of here, including:

  • Fast shows of Bond opening a garage door and then suiting up in central London
  • An awesome looking car-chase
  • What looks like Lashana Lynch looking awesome in her sunglasses
  • Is that Ana De Armas wielding duel submachine guns?
  • We're guessing that is Bond driving up that staircase in the motorcycle and then over the wall in what looks like Italy?
  • Bond at a party!
  • Machine guns in the headlights!
  • Creepy masked person behind the warped glass!

Turns out you actually can get quite a bit of info from 15 seconds.

Keep an eye on JOE this Wednesday for the full trailer.

Cast: Daniel Craig, Rami Malek, Ana De Armas, Jeffrey Wright, Lashana Lynch, Ralph Fiennes, Lea Seydoux, Naomie Harris, Billy Magnussen, Ben Whishaw, and (apparently) Christoph Waltz.


Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga (True Detective, Maniac)

Irish Release Date: Thursday 2 April

Clip via James Bond 007

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