We now know what movie WandaVision is directly setting up 2 years ago

We now know what movie WandaVision is directly setting up

The new episode of the Marvel show has revealed some major new details.

This article will be going DEEP on the events of episode five of WandaVision, so if you haven't watched yet, then this is your official spoilers warning.


Spoilers. Spoilers. Spoilers.

Still here? Okay, on we go.

So... (deep breath)... Wow. That was a lot, wasn't it? Where to even begin? The start, we guess...

Wanda and Vision can't get their twins to go to sleep, and we've fully returned to sitcom land, albeit we're now somewhere in the early '80s, judging from Agnes' jazzersize get-up.


The back-and-forth between the three of them when Vision appears to deliver the wrong line, and Agnes asks, almost fearfully, if they should just take it from the top, adds another layer to level of control on display here: There are scripted lines? And if things don't go strictly according to plan, they're aware enough to know they should do it again until it is done right? Or is that just Agnes with that level of awareness?

Then, without warning, the kids are five years old, and giving some very serious Children of the Corn vibes. Which leads to Agnes delivering this very, very pointed line...


More on that later.

Next up, the twins have found a dog, and are begging their parents to let them keep it. Right on cue, Agnes pops over, huge dog kennel in hand, and Vision is beginning to notice more and more of the peculiarities, and noticing how hard Wanda is trying to pretend it is all so totally normal.

When they tell the twins they're not old enough yet to care for a dog, they both morph into 10 year olds, and Agnes doesn't even blink. Wanda conjures a dog tag out of thin air, and Vision is freaked that they're no longer hiding their powers.

Vision then heads off to work, where he is introducing his office to the wonders of the internet, circa the late-1980s. Immediately, an email comes through from Darcy about the anomaly, and Vision seems to "wake up" his office pal Norm, who immediately starts freaking out...


... before Vision puts him "back under". Now, the "her" that Norm is freaking about, you'd automatically think that he's talking about Wanda, right? Well, maybe not.

Back at home, Wanda is talking to the twins about her own twin brother Piotr, who is "far away from here", before they hear a plane outside, and they spot an ancient looking drone flying over Westview, which leads to Wanda actually leaving Westview for a bit, but more on that below...

Later, when she's returned, Agnes tells Wanda and the twins that she's found their new dog, but he's died after eating leaves in her garden. The twins plead for Wanda to bring him back to life - Agnes asks "Can you do that?" - but Wanda is adamant that she can't.

Then we're back home, and Vision finally starts firmly asking questions about Westview, and Wanda tries to roll the credits on the episode, but Vision won't allow it.


The argument heats up, they both take on some super-power assisted fighting stances, and Vision points out that there are no other children in all of Westview. Wanda admits that she doesn't know how this all started, and isn't actually controlling everyone, but she's happy with it, essentially because it allows Wanda and Vision to be together. Vision tries to see how wrong this constructed reality is, when the doorbell rings...

Meanwhile, playing out parallel in the world just outside Westview, we see Monica Rambeaux being tested on (all of those tests prove to be inconclusive, weirdly), before a meeting headed by SWORD director Tyler Hayward, in which he essentially calls Wanda a terrorist, citing the events in Lagos and Germany from Captain America: Civil War as further evidence.

Monica attempts to defend Wanda, before Tyler reveals that Wanda actually attacked the SWORD HQ nine days earlier, where she reclaimed the remains of Vision. Bringing him back to life apparently breaks part of the Sokovia Accords, as does, y'know, blocking off an entire town and apparently turning thousands of its residents into mind-controlled actors.

Working separately, Monica plans with Darcy and Jimmy on ways to get back safely back into the town beyond "The Hex" - because of its hexagonal shape, but also because Wanda is kind of a witch - and Monica delivers this line...

... before very pointedly taking out her phone, which the camera lingers on for a LONG time. Now, who might this be? Our best guess is James Rhodes, aka Tony Stark's bestie War Machine, which may also nicely set-up Rhodes' own upcoming standalone series Armor Wars, but we digress.

The three of them than have a very fan-buzzy conversation about how much power Wanda actually has, and how she might have actually defeated Thanos single-handedly if he "hadn't initiated a blitz". Jimmy argues that Captain Marvel might be the only other one of the Avengers of equal power, and Monica makes this face:

Monica is clearly very unhappy with Captain Marvel, who was off saving other parts of the universe while her best friend and Monica's mother Maria was dying of cancer, alone, since her daughter had been blipped out of the existence. That is going to be a lot to unpack when Captain Marvel 2 arrives...

When the drone turns out to be armed with a missile, and that Tyler seemed to be secretly planning on just taking her out, Wanda breaks through The Hex, destroyed drone in hand, Sokovian accent fully returned (I hadn't noticed she was using an American accent in the show until it was suddenly gone, which is very clever), and basically warns everyone to GTFO, or else.

There is panic on the base, alarms going off all over the place, but Darcy gets distracted by the show on their TV, as Wanda goes to answer the doorbell, and we initially see the back of the guest's head...

The silver hair will have you immediately thinking that Piotr has returned somehow, and that is sort of correct. But it isn't Piotr from Wanda's world, but the Piotr from a parallel world.

And with that, we know what movies WandaVision is so perfectly setting up...

The arrival of Evan Peters as Piotr, aka Quicksilver, as opposed to Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who actually played Wanda's brother in Avengers: Age of Ultron, means that the world of the X-Men has collided with the MCU. But this isn't setting up a new X-Men movie, this is setting up the new Spider-Man and Doctor Strange sequels.

We already know that the untitled Spider-Man threequel will be bringing in characters from the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield versions, played by their original actors in those movies, while the Doctor Strange sequel is titled In The Multiverse of Madness, so whatever is behind the events of WandaVision, it is likely also the trigger behind the storylines behind those two upcoming movies, too.

And that is where we are at the end of episode five, and we know that is a lot to process, but we've got three more points that need discussing:

One - Evan Peters first arrived as Piotr/Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past, which was set in 1973. Being as generous as we can, let's say he was meant to be 16 in that movie, but the events of Avengers: Endgame are set in 2023, and WandaVision takes place after that. So is Piotr supposed to be 66 here? Or does time-travel also factor into the multiverse?

Two - The advert this week is Not Subtle At All, from the name of the paper towels brand (Lagos - where Wanda accidentally killed 11 people), and then we see the Mum cleaning up some particularly red liquid. And the tagline, 'For when you make a mess you didn't mean to'.

Yeah, really Not Subtle At All, but how it all ties in together, we've actually no idea whatsoever.

Three - The "her" that Norm is referring to, for the first few episodes we reckoned it might be Agnes, although she seems as afraid of her current situation as anyone, so now we're being led to believe that the her is Wanda herself, but that doesn't seem to quite sit right either.

No, we're thinking it might be Dottie, who we haven't actually seen since the talent show episode, but we have been told that she essentially "runs this neighbourhood". We've got our eye on you, Dottie. Whoever and wherever you are.

We guess we'll continue to know even more when episode six airs on Friday, 12 February, and you can check out the trailer for it below.

Although, beware, there are also some spoilers in this trailer...

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