OFFICIAL: Season 1 of Derry Girls is now on Netflix 4 months ago

OFFICIAL: Season 1 of Derry Girls is now on Netflix


Granted, if we told you that the first season of Derry Girls was no available to watch on Netflix, you might channel your best Ma Mary impression and say "do I look like I came up the Foyle in a bubble".

Well, we've no reason to lie because the first season of Lisa McGee's superb comedy is now available for Netflix viewers to watch at their leisure.

Ok, we know that the episodes were already available to watch via All4, but it's nice to know that the first six episodes are now just a click away.

Right from the very first episode, we were hooked by the story of Kamal - the wee Ethiopian fella lad from Ballybofey - as the wonderful season opener culminated in a dead nun and James pissing in the corner.

Remember when Orla thought that lies made the Virgin Mary cry and these fell down to earth as rain? Sister Michael really put it best by saying: "Yeah, you might want to think about wising up."

Anyway, over the next five episodes we got dead dogs, Orange Order parades, chippers on fire, Clare's brave decision, Michelle establishing herself as a comedy icon, Sister Michael stealing the show, and a truly memorable finale.

Season 2 built on the brilliance of the first six episodes and with even more adventures to come, now is the perfect chance to catch up with our favourite Derry Girls.

Wise up and give it another watch.

For those that are interested, JOE caught up with Lisa McGee for a quick chat about all things Derry Girls and you can listen to it below.