OFFICIAL: Season 14 of Always Sunny arrives on Netflix in January 2 years ago

OFFICIAL: Season 14 of Always Sunny arrives on Netflix in January

Break out the rum ham because The Gang are back.

When it comes to Christmas presents and the Always Sunny gang, we're not sure if the owners of Paddy's Pub are the best judge of what the festive spirit is really like.


After all, Charlie once bit Santa Claus in a fit of rage after he repressed all those memories of various elves and men dressed as Santa gang banging his mam. As for Mac, his father Luther (who never blinks) made him complicit in the family tradition of stealing presents from their neighbours.

As for Dennis and Dee, well, they tried to do their Philadelphia-set version of A Christmas Carol and ended up seeing their dad - the iconic Frank Reynolds - climbing out of a couch bare-assed and sweaty.

Yeah, the Always Sunny gang don't go well with Christmas gifts, but Netflix do.

On that note, let us introduce the best news that all you jabronis will get today, 'The Gang Starts 2020 With A Binge'.


Just days after the recored-equalling season ended in the US - Always Sunny is now one of the longest-running comedy shows of all time - Netflix have confirmed that Mac, Frank, Dennis, Sweet Dee, and Charlie will be breaking in the new year in style.

Oh yes, Season 14 of Always Sunny arrives on Netflix on 19 January, 2020. Heyyyyyy-ohhhhhh!

The good news doesn't appear to be stopping there, however, as earlier this year, FX CEO John Landgraf said: "As long as we can come to business terms that fit both our needs and they can continue to make episodes as good as they have been making, there is a good chance it may go past season 14."

Bring it on!