OFFICIAL: Season 2 of The Young Offenders has finished filming 11 months ago

OFFICIAL: Season 2 of The Young Offenders has finished filming

Conor and Jock are back and "you're going to love it"

As soon as Conor, Jock, Linda, and Siobhan escaped from the bus that Billy Murphy hijacked, fans of The Young Offenders were counting the days until Cork's biggest blaggards returned to our screens.

Of course, there was the standalone Christmas special that featured Robert Sheehan and more bare arses than anyone ever needed to see, but we're delighted to say that a new season is coming.

Oh yes, the BBC have confirmed that filming has now wrapped on Season 2 of Peter Foott's beloved comedy and fans are in for a treat.

A few weeks ago, JOE had the pleasure of visiting the set and while we're not going to spoil anything, PJ Gallagher (Principal Barry Walsh) did tell us that Season 2 will " blow your mind" while teasing a new comedic route for the show to pursue.

Now that Jock and Siobhan are expecting a child, we're certain that mayhem is going to ensue but there's also the small matter of a potential romance between Conor and Linda.

"The new episodes go very much into the family aspect of things as opposed to just the raw conflict of it all," said Gallagher but the new episodes will still maintain that unique ability to tug on your heartstrings too.

Of course, it's not The Young Offenders without Billy Murphy and Hilary Rose (Mairead) gave us a few details about what Cork's biggest psychopath is doing throughout Season 2.

"He (Billy) goes through a big transformation which is kind of interesting. He thinks people are his friends but he still beats them up! Billy and Mairead form a bit of a bond in Season 2. I always say that he’s like a pitiful, but he’s my pitiful. He’s just like that rule for vampires, never invite them into your house. Invite him in once and he'll never leave!'," she said.

At present, an official premiere date for Season 2 of The Young Offenders hasn't been announced yet by RTÉ but it's definitely featuring in their new seasonal schedule.

Given the fact that the season has just finished filming, we'd guess that the first episode of Season 2 will air around the late October/early November period.

We can't wait.