OFFICIAL: Season 2 of The Young Offenders will premiere on 3 November on BBC 3 years ago

OFFICIAL: Season 2 of The Young Offenders will premiere on 3 November on BBC

Conor and Jock are back very soon.

After PJ Gallagher recently confirmed that Cork's most lovable langers will be returning in November, the BBC have made it official.


Oh yes! Conor, Jock, Mairead, Billy Murphy, Sgt. Healy, Linda, Siobhan, and everyone else on Leeside are returning on the BBC when the Season 2 premiere airs on Sunday, 3 November'

After the first season was nominated for a prestigious Rose d'Or award, the expectation levels are through the roof for the second season of Peter Foott's beloved comedy and we're certain that he's going to deliver.


Well, if the Season 1 finale is anything to go by, we're expecting plenty of laughs to be gained from the fact that Jock and Siobhan are expecting a baby. On top of this, there's Conor and Linda's burgeoning romance, Billy Murphy being a headcase, and Mairead, well, just cursing at the lads!


During a recent interview with JOE, PJ Gallagher said that the comedic tone will be a little bit different this season as the Walsh family spend more time with Jock, Conor, and Mairead.

This being said, we fully expect the six episodes of Season 2 to be just as filthy, funny, and sweet as what came before.

The BBC's official website confirmed the news of the premiere date and provided a very thorough synopsis of the Season 2 opener. FYI, it contains spoilers but don't worry, we'll condense it and keep the plot details spoiler-free.

It states: "Irresponsible friends Conor and Jock are up to their old tricks again, this time trying to outsmart the police/Gardaí by doing the exact opposite of what they would expect – with hilariously disastrous consequences.


"Sergeant Healy catches the lads wearing their trademark masks in the act and a high speed chase ensues, involving some innocent bystanders along the way. All the while, something is playing on Jock’s mind – isn’t there somewhere he needs to be today?"

That's just the start of the craic and we'll say no more!

Season 2 of The Young Offenders will also be airing on RTÉ and we're told that an "RTÉ broadcast is expected to take place soon after the BBC, with a transmission date announced shortly. "

As for the BBC broadcast, the exact time hasn't been announced yet but at least we know what we'll be watching on BBC3 on the night of 3 November.


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