The Pat Kenny Show to air exclusive interview with head of 'Predator Exposure' group tonight 4 years ago

The Pat Kenny Show to air exclusive interview with head of 'Predator Exposure' group tonight

The group aims to "expose online predators so you know who lives next door to you today, not tomorrow or in three months' time".

The Pat Kenny Show is set to air an exclusive television interview with the head of paedophile vigilante group ‘Predator Exposure’ on TV3 tonight.


Kenny himself will interview ‘Phil’, the head of the Leeds based ‘Predator Exposure’ group, whose work led to the conviction of former RTÉ Producer Kieran Creaven for the attempted grooming of a fictional 13-year-old girl in the UK.

54-year-old Creavan pleaded guilty to the charges following his arrest in Leeds in November last year after he was confronted by the vigilante group. The Yorkshire-based group had set up a fake online profile claiming to be a 13-year-old girl and had been in contact with Creaven since July 2017.

The former RTÉ producer was sentenced to 18 months in prison following two offences of child sex abuse.

Pat will be discussing whether the work of these ‘paedophile hunter’ groups should be encouraged or stamped out here in Ireland alongside a panel of commentators and experts. Gardaí have previously warned that “the manner in which such groups operate and how they interact with their chosen targets” can potentially affect future convictions. 


The veteran presenter will also debate whether individuals taking the law into their own hands in this area could lead to more successful convictions here, or put criminal proceedings at risk and if these groups are a social good or a menace to society.

The Pat Kenny Show airs tonight, Wednesday 14 March, at 10pm on TV3.