WATCH: Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal get sexy in All Of Us Strangers 5 months ago

WATCH: Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal get sexy in All Of Us Strangers

Early word has both Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott as potential Oscar hopefuls for their performances here.

The first trailer for All Of Us Strangers has just dropped, featuring Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott as two men embarking on a unique relationship, and we don't know about you, but we're already getting very emotional just from this teaser.


Written and directed by Andrew Haigh (Weekend, 45 Years), the movie tells the story of Adam (Andrew Scott), a lonely writer living in a mostly empty apartment block in London. The only other tenant appears to be Harry (Paul Mescal), and the two begin to develop a relationship.

At the same time, Adam is attempting to write about his parents, who died when he was just a young boy. However, upon revisiting his childhood home, he discovers that his mother (Claire Foy) and father (Jamie Bell) are still living there, and are still the same age they were when the passed away decades earlier.

Paul Mescal's movie already holds a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes


The movie debuted at the Telluride Film Festival in August, where audiences were immediately bowled over by the heartbreaking central plot, as well as the sexually-charged relationship between Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott's characters:

The Wrap - "In a lot of ways, All Of Us Strangers is a poignant, deeply melancholic exercise on the attempt to bridge the past with the present, a cosmic inquiry into resolving all that was unsaid through second chances that never were. 5 out of 5."

Screen Daily - "The latest from Andrew Haigh is an exquisitely melancholy fantasy-infused meditation on loss and isolation. A luxuriantly sad and skin-tinglingly sensual gay romance, it is propelled by a killer combination of 80s queer pop and a pair of devastating performances from Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal. 5 out of 5."

Total Film - "Told with economy, and evading any easy genre classification - it’s part romance, part fantasy, part thriller, and more besides - it’s a very moving piece of work, and a testament to the power of love. 5 out of 5."


All Of Us Strangers is scheduled to arrive in cinemas in Ireland and the UK on 26 January 2024.

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