Netflix adding one of 2023's most entertaining movies 2 months ago

Netflix adding one of 2023's most entertaining movies

If you missed it in cinemas earlier this year, here is you chance to rectify that!

You know you're on to a good thing with your new scary movie when even the poster gets you into trouble, and that is exactly what happened with Evil Dead Rise.


Written and directed by Irish filmmaker Lee Cronin (The Hole in the Ground), it tells the story of a family in a crumbling Los Angeles apartment block, who survive an earthquake only to discover the damage has opened a path to a previously cordoned basement.

Finding a bunch of creepy religious iconography down there, one of them recovers a weird book made of human skin, and an audio recording with priests reciting unholy passages... and you can guess how things go from there.

You can check out our lengthy interview with Lee Cronin right here:


Evil Dead Rise was a huge hit when released in cinemas

Upon release in cinemas in April 2023, the movie made a massive $146 million worldwide - making it one of the biggest box office hits by an Irish director ever - while it also scored 84% with critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Getting both a commercial and critical hit with horror films is extremely rare, but Cronin pulled it off:

NME - "You won’t catch a more satisfying horror film this year. Seek it out."


Collider - "Evil Dead Rise's scares and gore are so effective, and its cast so committed to the story, that it's easy to be completely enthralled by Cronin's movie."

IndieWire - "Cronin’s Evil Dead Rise is a blood-soaked blast. He summons all of the best aspects of the franchise, while still creating a beast all his own that can boldly stand apart from the series. This is the kind of horror franchise film that make audiences fall in love with the genre all over again."

Evil Dead Rise is available to watch on Netflix from Thursday 21 September.

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