Paul Mescal wants to star in a rom-com and names his dream co-star 3 months ago

Paul Mescal wants to star in a rom-com and names his dream co-star

Yes, chef...

Irish actor Paul Mescal has revealed his dream future project and who he wants starring alongside him for it.


The 27-year-old enjoyed a quick rise to fame from his role in Normal People, which proved an international lockdown hit, going on to star in dramas including God's Creatures and Aftersun, the latter of which he was nominated for the Best Actor Academy Award.

However, one genre he hasn't dipped his toes in yet is comedy, which might change soon, according to the actor.

In an interview with Awards Watch, the Kildare native said a comedy, or more specifically a rom-com might be on the cards soon.

"Comedy scares me deeply because I think I saw Bottoms recently and I was in awe of how they do that.


"That’s one of those I leave the cinema and I’m incredibly jealous and brightened of everybody’s talents involved with that film. But I think in the next five years I’m going to set myself a challenge to do maybe like a rom-com with Ayo (Edebiri) or something like that would be cool."

Paul Mescal wants to star in a rom-com with Ayo Edebiri


Ayo Edebiri is best known for playing Sydney in hit Disney+ comedy The Bear, as well as the aforementioned Bottoms and Abbott Elementary.

Edebiri and Mescal have been spotted together multiple times over the past few months and are reportedly good friends, which we're hoping lends more of a chance to a possible rom-com down the line.

Ayo Edebiri in The Bear Ayo Edebiri in The Bear (Disney)

Mescal will star in the upcoming Gladiator sequel directed by Ridley Scott, which is sure to elevate him to a lot more Hollywood opportunities following his indie success.

Filming for the follow-up to the 2000 blockbuster was postponed during the SAG-AFTRA strike, however production is set to begin filming shortly, with the strike ending earlier in November.

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