Paul Rudd tries to pull a basic instinct stunt on Michael Douglas 8 years ago

Paul Rudd tries to pull a basic instinct stunt on Michael Douglas

Smooth Paul.

Paul Rudd tried to cement his friendship with Michael Douglas with a Basic Instinct prank that didn't exactly go to plan while filming Ant Man.


The 46 year old star felt it appropriate to strip off in front of his co-star because, he said, he finally felt comfortable around him.

"It took me a while to be myself around him, but on the last day we were shooting a scene where he's interrogating me across a table, and it suddenly hit me: 'I could, 'Basic Instinct' him!' So, I'm sitting there, trying to figure out how I can get my 'kit' out without anyone noticing..."

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Paul Rudd told Shortlist magazine the stunt didn't quite work out as he imagined

"So, before we start, I unzip my pants, get it out, and pull my T-shirt down to cover it. I'm all ready to do my exaggerated leg cross reveal, but my 'kit' gets caught in the elastic of my underwear. It's all... smushed.

"So, I'm sitting there, one hand pulling my T-shirt down, and the other trying to adjust myself, and I suddenly realise it looks like I'm... masturbating (he laughs).

"Like, I'm trying to rub one out while Michael Douglas is giving a soliloquy. Eventually, he just stopped and said, "What are you, a f**king pervert?"