An extremely cool '80s action thriller is among the movies on TV tonight 3 months ago

An extremely cool '80s action thriller is among the movies on TV tonight

The legendary Ridley Scott directed the neo-noir.

Need a movie to watch this Sunday evening before heading into the June Bank Holiday Monday? Well, we recommend this horror gem from last year that just got added to Prime Video.


However, for more options, here are the films on TV tonight.

Halloween - Turner Classic Movies - 9pm

Horror legend John Carpenter (Escape from New York, The Thing) helms one of the first and best slasher movies ever made.

Bloodshot - Film4 - 9pm


Vin Diesel is the lead in this 2020 action sci-fi about a soldier who dies before being brought back to life with superpowers by an organisation that wants to use him as a weapon.

Lethal Weapon 2 - Comedy Central - 9pm

Danny Glover and Mel Gibson return as mismatched LAPD detectives Murtaugh and Riggs in this buddy cop action sequel.

Little Fockers - E4 - 9pm


The sadly not very funny final entry in the Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro-fronted comedy trilogy.

Cabin Fever - Horror Xtra - 9pm

Not the well-regarded 2002 horror comedy from director Eli Roth, but its critically panned 2016 remake.

The House That Dripped Blood - Legend - 9pm


Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are among the cast of this terrifically titled '70s British anthology horror.

Black Rain

Ken Takakura and Michael Douglas in our pick for tonight - Black Rain

Pitch Black - ITV4 - 10pm

Vin Diesel stars again, this time in this quite good sci-fi horror as a criminal in the distant future who crash lands on an empty desert planet and finds himself terrorised by predatory creatures.


Battle Royale: Requiem - Sky Sci-Fi - 10pm

The disappointing sequel to the 2000 Japanese action thriller classic Battle Royale.

Hell or High Water - BBC One - 10.30pm

Two cash-strapped brothers (Ben Foster and Chris Pine) commit a series of bank robberies as two Texas rangers (Gil Birmingham and Jeff Bridges) pursue them in what is one of the best crime dramas of recent years, which JOE happened to recommend just last month.

Escape from Alcatraz - Turner Classic Movies - 10.55pm

Clint Eastwood leads the cast of this great 70's thriller which dramatises the 1962 prisoner escape from the maximum-security prison on Alcatraz Island.

The Blood on Satan's Claw - Legend - 11pm

Another spectacularly named British horror from the '70s and another movie we recommended recently.

The Taking of Deborah Logan - Horror Xtra - 11pm

A quite creepy found footage horror.

Black Rain - Film4 - 11.10pm

Our pick for tonight, this '80s neo-noir action thriller follows two NYPD cops (Andy Garcia and Michael Douglas) who find themselves dragged into the Japanese criminal underworld after the Yakuza (Yūsaku Matsuda) they were assigned to escort back to Osaka escapes.

Directed by the legendary Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner), Black Rain is well worth a watch thanks to its great setting, fun performances and extremely stylish action set-pieces.

You can check out a trailer for the movie below:

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