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09th Mar 2022

All eight episodes of Peacemaker will be available for Irish viewers this month

Rory Cashin

Great news for fans of DC’s ultimate anti-hero.

Initially launching in the States on HBO Max in January this year, Irish fans of the DC Universe were left wondering when they might be able to get their eyes on Peacemaker, the new spin-off show from 2021’s The Suicide Squad.

Reuniting that movie’s writer/director James Gunn with the Peacemaker himself John Cena, the show picks up from the aftermath of that movie (where, spoilers, Peacemaker had survived a bullet to the throat), it focuses on the super-violent anti-hero as he is forced to join a new mysterious black ops squad in order to stop a world-ending threat… of killer butterflies?

Yep, it is exactly as bonkers and OTT as that pitch sounds, but with a very impressive score of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, it will also be a must-watch for fans of the movie and the potential future of the DCU as we know it.

The show was so incredibly popular in the States that the finale broke the record for highest single day viewership of an HBO Max original episode, while HBO has already commissioned James Gunn to return to write and direct the second season of the show.

All eight episodes will be available to watch on Sky Max or with your NOW Entertainment Membership from Tuesday, 22 March.

Clip via HBO Max

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