Peaky Blinders set to bring back old friend of Tommy's while Mosley reveals his grand plan 2 years ago

Peaky Blinders set to bring back old friend of Tommy's while Mosley reveals his grand plan

Footage for the next episode has been released and it looks very interesting.

As always, if you're not up to date with the most recent episode of Peaky Blinders, consider this to be your spoiler alert.


Seriously, look away now.

If you're a fan of Peaky Blinders, you're probably getting a familiar feeling that the walls are closing in around Tommy.

However, as we've frequently seen, Mr Shelby always has a plan for these moments and Tommy's definitely going to need one because his list of enemies is growing.


Despite the fact that he has made temporary peace with the Billy Boys, we're certain that Aberama Gold's thirst for revenge will not end peacefully.

On top of this bloody gang rivalry, there's the issue of the 'black cat' in the family that Tommy believes is conspiring against him. At present, Michael Gray, Gina, Esme, and even Aunt Polly have been mentioned as potential traitors.

To compound matters, there's the small matter of Oswald Mosley's machinations to deal with too.

Well, the next episode of the beloved gangster drama will confirm what anyone with a knowledge of history already knows because as the footage shows, Mosley is now openly championing the cause of fascism in the UK by creating a new party; the British Union of Fascists.


For those that are interested, JOE's interview with Sam Claflin about the character of Mosley provides some historical background and insight.

Granted, any self-respecting fan knew that this move was coming, however, the second clip for the next episode teases the introduction of a new character that Tommy encounters at a mental institution.

As you can see below, the warden calls for a person that's called Barney and he's terrified to stand by the door. We reckon this is a new character that's played by Cosmo Jarvis.

Take a look at the clips below.


Sunday night can't come quickly enough.