A photo from Friends is making people on the internet very uncomfortable 3 years ago

A photo from Friends is making people on the internet very uncomfortable

Oh... my... gawd...

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words - and other times, it's worth a really long and piercing laugh.


Fans of Friends will never be able to forget Ross screaming 'pivot!', Phoebe belting out 'Smelly Cat' in Central Perk, Joey's reluctance to share food and even Miss Chanandler Bong.

But there's another thing from the sitcom that viewers will definitely never fail to remember: Chandler Bing's ex-girlfriend, Janice, and her very... unique laughter.

In fact, a recent viral photo has proven that her laugh has stuck with fans all these years later.

A photo of Janice in Chandler and Joey's apartment was shared on Twitter, where social media users were saying they could hear her laugh through the screen.

It all began on March 11, when @danielfakhry posted the photo and remarked: "I can hear this picture."

To be honest, so can we.

And it looks like thousands of people felt the same way (or, at least, could sympathise). The original post soon wracked up 178,000 likes and 89,000 retweets - and almost a thousand comments tagging friends below it.




The series caused a social media frenzy earlier this year when it was announced that all of its 236 episodes would be arriving on Netflix.

Since then, many people have hoping that a reunion - or even a movie - could be on the cards.

But, sadly, each of the lead characters have been dashing our hopes by refusing outright to do it and denying there is any truth to reunion rumours.

 Matt LeBlanc recently revealed his graphic reason for not wanting a reunion.

He was speaking to a radio show in Australia, 97.3FM Bianca, Terry & Bob, when he said:

"I understand that people really want to see that reunion but that show was about a finite period in those characters' lives, between 20 and 30.

"To see what those characters are doing now, I think it's almost a case of that the book is better than the movie. Everyone's imagination of what they're doing now is better.

"I don't think anyone wants to see Joey at his colonoscopy! I think it's better for people to just leave it."