Here are our picks of the new and classic shows coming to Star on Disney+ 2 months ago

Here are our picks of the new and classic shows coming to Star on Disney+

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Now we know what we'll be binging on over the next few weeks and months!


Disney+ already hosts a fantastic selection of entertainment brands for shows and movies - Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic - but from Tuesday, 23 February, they'll be adding another brand on their streaming service: Star.

This addition will be adding dozens and dozens of movies and shows to the Disney+ library, and with the arrival of Star, we combed through their very impressive line-up and picked out some of the series that immediately caught our attention, as we already know we'll be binge-watching them all over the next few weeks and months!


When he isn't rocking our world with his music as Childish Gambino, the overtly-talented Donald Glover is also delivering some great acting performances, and perhaps none are as great as his role in this brilliant comedic drama about a wannabe rapper trying to navigate the world of race, relationships, and celebrity status.


One of the Star exclusives (which also includes the likes of Big Sky and Love, Victor), this action-adventure is based on a hit Marvel series of comics, telling the story of a brother and sister who discover they are the children of a dangerous serial killer. As a way of retribution, they make it their life's goal to hunt down other dangerous people around the world.



Family Guy is also a part of the new Star library, but truth be told, we much prefer American Dad, and that comes down to one thing and one thing only: Roger Smith. The rude, sociopathic alien who uses a closet full of wigs to continue secretly living with this family is perhaps the greatest animated creation this side of Eric Cartman.



In the packed lexicon of great sit-coms, it is not unfair to say that Modern Family is one of the very best. Four very different families, and how they're all connected, made for years of brilliantly funny comedy, and if you don't have a great, undying love for Phil Dunphy, then we can't be friends with you. Season 1-8 will be available from launch on Star on Disney+.


This brilliant, Oscar-winning documentary does run on for almost eight hours, but you'll be gripped and glued for each and every minute of it, as the murder trial around O.J. Simpson reveals the extent of the racial divide in America at the time.



Another of the Star exclusives, this sci-fi animated comedy comes from Justin Roiland (one of the co-creators of Rick & Morty, no less!), focusing on a group of aliens who decide to set up a new life in middle America, but quickly become unsure if life wasn't better on their home world.



Forget about Ross and Rachel, the ultimate will-they-won't-they relationship was between Mulder and Scully! As a believer and a sceptic within the FBI, they faced some of the scariest things imaginable, but it was also a jumping off point for some now really famous actors. Look, there's Jack Black! Ryan Reynolds! Bryan Cranston! Octavia Spenser! Lucy Liu! Jane Lynch and Aaron Paul in the same episode!

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Start streaming all of these shows with Star on Disney+ from 23 February 2021.

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