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04th Nov 2022

The West Wing actor shares hilarious response to Piers Morgan interview offer

Rory Cashin

piers morgan bradley whitford

And somehow, it all comes back to Elon Musk…

In case you weren’t aware, Elon Musk now owns Twitter, and absolutely nobody seems to be happy about it. Well, maybe one person, but he owns Twitter now, so… here we are.

Very early on Friday morning, it was reported that the first contact from the new Twitter management to the staff was informing them that many of them were about to be made redundant, with the news depending on which email address they got an email sent to:

So, yeah, all a bit messy.

It is something that has not gone unnoticed by, well, literally anyone who uses the social media platform, and it was something that actor Bradley Whitford (The West Wing, Get Out, The Handmaid’s Tale) pointed out in a tweet earlier this week, saying:

“Entitled batshit billionaires in charge of the public square is the opposite of freedom and a recipe for disaster.”

This prompted famed opinion-haver Piers Morgan to respond with the following:

“As opposed to entitled batsh*t actors who – unlike Elon Musk – think any views that challenge their own woke-ravaged self-righteous rantings warrant instant cancellation? Put your rattle back in your illiberal stroller, you big baby.”

It only got more heated from there, with Whitford firing back:

Aw Piers Morgan, Pumpkin, you got triggered! I know it’s hard when people say things you disagree with. But you’re the toddler who walks off the set when you don’t like what someone says. Looking for a coddled snowflake who can’t handle other points of view? Look in the mirror.”

To which Morgan replied:

However, what Morgan may or may not have already known about, is that someone from his show had very recently reached out to Whitford to come on for an interview.

In a Twitter DM shared by Whitford, the offer was as follows:

“[I’m] reaching out because I’ve seen your tweets about the press’ obsession with toxic news and I know Piers would love you to join him for an interview next week to give us your take on the state of America?”

Whitford eventually replied, sharing the interaction with all of Twitter:

“You sure, Buddy? Cuz your phone-hacking, toddler boss just got super-triggered by an opinion I expressed about a billionaire whose ass he’s trying to kiss. In a world that desperately needs good journalists, I’m sorry you have to work for an attention seeking fraud who is the definition of toxic news. So, no.”

Check out the full interaction here:

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