The play of The Snapper is getting some incredible reviews 1 year ago

The play of The Snapper is getting some incredible reviews

Red alert! Red Alert! Who wants to go?

How do you improve on perfection?

Well, it appears that you just try and do the same because as stated previously, the stage performance of The Snapper is incredibly faithful to both Roddy Doyle's original material and the beloved film.

In a previous interview, Simon Delaney (Jimmy Rabbitte) and Hilda Fay (Veronica Rabbitte) revealed that all the iconic lines, locations and characters that we love so much are present in the play, but as an extra special treat for fans, the play has included "a lot more in the book that people didn't see in the film and they'll get to see it on the stage."

In fact, there are over 70 scenes in the play and after opening this week, it appears that audiences didn't feel any 'snip, snip' in terms of the overall quality.

In fact, as previously reported, 'the baby' from the film actually thinks that it's better than Stephen Frears' beloved film.

This sentiment is echoed by The Irish Times and The Arts Review because they both gave the production four-star reviews.

Aside from these verdicts, here's how the general public felt after seeing the stage adaptation of a genuine Irish classic.

Take a look.

There are still some tickets available for the upcoming shows and all the relevant details are here:

Opening Night: Wed 20th June, 2018
Matinees: Sat – 2.30pm; select Wed – 2.30pm
Shows: Mon to Sat – 7.30pm

Estimated running time: 2 hours including interval

Tickets are priced between €27-40 and you can book here.