The Van and The Commitments could be turned into plays for Irish audiences to enjoy 2 years ago

The Van and The Commitments could be turned into plays for Irish audiences to enjoy

The Snapper is coming soon but it might not stop there. Amazing!

Hey Burgess, Burgess! As stated previously, the Rabbitte family are coming back as The Snapper arrives in the Gate Theatre from June 14th.

We've already told you all about the new cast and how to get your hands on tickets, but it appears that The Snapper might not be the only Roddy Doyle story to be adapted into a play.

During an interview with the Ian Dempsey Show on Today FM, the new stars of the play, Simon Delaney (Jimmy Rabbitte) and Hilda Fay (Veronica Rabbitte), were chatting about what fans of The Snapper can expect to see in the new version and they also teased us that some of Roddy Doyle's other iconic books might also re-adapted for the theatre.

In terms of duration, the play of The Snapper will be two hours long - that's 30 mins longer than the film, so fans will be delighted.

As Fay says: "There's a lot more in the book that people didn't see in the film and they'll get to see it on the stage."

Delaney adds that there are seventy scenes in the play and that they'll take place on a moving set that includes the famous locations from the film. For example, audiences will get to see the pub, the kitchen, the Burgess' house and much more.

"Fans of the film will like the show because all the big moments are there and every single line that we love so much is featured," he said.

See, there's no 'snip, snip' when it comes to the dialogue!

When asked if there are any plans to adapt the other books in The Barrytown Trilogy - The Van and The Commitments - into plays, here's what Delaney said.

"I can't see why not. I mean, he's one of Ireland's most beloved writers. The Van is next, he's done The Commitments and that play sat in The Palladium in London for two years. It's about time that he had his time on stage"

Much like anything else, if The Snapper turns out to be a box-office hit at the Gate Theatre, we can't see any reason why The Van and The Commitments wouldn't follow suit. How great would that be?

This being said, we wonder if the theatre would be able to fit a horse into a lift, deep fry a nappy or get Evel Knievel to arrive on the back of a f**king Suzuki?

With regards to The Snapper, there are still some tickets remaining and all the relevant details are here:

Previews: from Thurs 14th June, 2018
Opening Night: Wed 20th June, 2018
Matinees: Sat – 2.30pm; select Wed – 2.30pm
Shows: Mon to Sat – 7.30pm

Estimated running time: 2 hours including interval

Tickets are priced between €27-40 and you can book here.