QUESTION: What is your favourite guilty pleasure movie? 5 years ago

QUESTION: What is your favourite guilty pleasure movie?

What movie do you know isn't very good, but you can't stop re-watching over and over again?

On last week's episode of The Big Reviewski, we asked you who you thought the Best Irish Actor or Actress of all time was, and the response was fantastic, mentioning everyone from Michael Fassbender to "Leo from Fair City."


This week's episode brought with it a doozy of a question by Laura, who wanted to know what your favourite guilty pleasure movie of all time was.

Laura, Eoghan and Rory chatted about theirs from 05:10 to 10:28 in the link below:

Eoghan went first, and went a bit wild with his choice of From Paris With Love. If you've never heard of it (and we're guessing you probably haven't), it was a bonkers and fundamentally quite bad action movie starring an out-of-shape John Travolta and a out-of-his-depth Jonathan Rhys Meyers. It is racist, homophobic, sexist, the script and acting and directing is terrible... but Eoghan loves it anyways!


Rory "pulled an Eoghan" by picking more than one movie: a double-bill of Mean Girls and Easy A. Sticking on one invariably results in sticking on the other one, as the two-hander of teen-comedies don't seem to get the love they deserve as the great modern funny films that they very much deserve.

And finally (since Paul is still on holidays in Bawhstin), Laura chose Notting Hill, a film she has seen so many times she has completely lost count, and is - in her words - a perfect mix of comedy and romance and Hugh Grant.

So what do you reckon is the best guilty pleasure movie of all time?

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