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08th Apr 2018

A Quiet Place is getting incredible praise from some of the most impressive fans you could ask for

Rory Cashin

Supporters don’t get much bigger or more famous than this.

A Quiet Place is already becoming 2018’s most talked about movie.

We here in JOE absolutely loved it (check out our review in this week’s episode of The Big Reviewski), while the 97% on Rotten Tomatoes as well as the incredibly word-of-mouth are probably what resulted in the movie scoring $50 million in the opening weekend at the US box office, making it the second biggest original horror of all time.

So with all of that, you’d think that the movie wouldn’t need much more help than that, right?

Probably, but that isn’t stopping some celebrities from weighing in with their opinions, and they’re just as gushingly positive as everyone has been.

First up, and the person we’re all secretly wanting praise from, is Deadpool himself:

We totally understand why Ryan wants John and Emily to be his new parents (even though he’s 41, John is 38, and Emily is 35, but we’ll let that fly, because ….. well, because Deadpool said it).

Next up is the man we are all secretly very explicitly man-crushing on, Chris Pratt:

Are we accepting “stoked” back into the common lexicon of language? (checks with judges) Apparently, we’ll allow it. Moving on.

And finally, and if you’re making a scary movie, this really is the person that you want a compliment from:

This is something that the writer, director and star of the movie is obviously all too aware of…

We’d probably pass out too, to be honest.

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