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06th Apr 2018

The Big Reviewski #12 with Bryan Cranston, John Cena & win a VIP trip to Italy

Eoghan Doherty

Greetings film fans! This is Episode 12 of The Big Reviewski…

Welcome to the brand new film show from JOE and Her, this week featuring a double bill of deadly Hollywood stars as the gang are joined by the wonderful Bryan Cranston and the wonderfully BIG John Cena (you can’t see him though, it’s a podcast).

Plus, there’s an amazing VIP trip to Italy to be won, head-scratching Haiclues, and loads of chat about weird Irish trad sessions and ass-chugging wrestlers.

Don’t ask, just listen…

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In case you didn’t know, The Big Reviewski is the brand new film show that takes absolutely no shame in crowbarring unnecessary film references into terrible segues, week after week after week.

Actually, speaking of terrible segues…


… Seeing as it is Episode 12 this week, Eoghan Doherty is delighted to be joined by two friends who put the “dirty” into Dirty Dozen, the “angry” into 12 Angry Men and the “cheaper” into Cheaper By The Dozen; it’s Rory Cashin and Paul Moore! Plus, keep an eager ear out for a very special cameo appearance from’s Denise Curtin.

As well as the delicious double-helping of Cranston and Cena, there are reviews of new releases including A Quiet Place and Michael Inside, plus recommendations of all the best films to go and see in the cinema right now.

Now it’s time to have your head melted by this week’s Haiclue. Think you know the answer to the one below? Let us know your guess by tweeting @BigReviewski or you can WhatsApp us on the world’s most forgettable number, 00353 874001103.

(In case you need a reminder of how the Haiclue works, click here.)

Top Gun’s top man shoots,

Consigliere is crew chief,

Dr Chase is chased.