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27th Aug 2022

Resident Evil TV series cancelled by Netflix after one season

Danny Jones

The video game adaptation premiered just last month.

The Resident Evil TV show has been officially cancelled by Netflix after one season following mixed reviews and reports of disappointing viewing figures.

Though only released back in July of this year, higher-ups at the streaming giant have already decided to axe the small screen adaptation of the iconic horror game series after eight episodes.

Deadline reports that while the show had a decent launch, debuting at number two in Netflix’s trending page with 72.7 million hours watched, the figures started to plummet and its chances only worsened as less than favourable write-ups spread across social media.

Although it was never going to top the charts drop amid the Stranger Things season four fanaticism, it fell out of the top ten after just three weeks and currently sits at an average 55% score on Rotten Tomatoes, with an even lower audience score of 27%.

We here at JOE reviewed the first four episodes of the series and said:

“The biggest problem remains that there is absolutely nothing new here, as the formula sticks pretty rigidly to what you’d expect from a zombie story.

“Shady corporations, useless governments, society immediately collapsing, ‘man is the greatest monster of all’: they’re all checked off like a game of zombie bingo.”

But it’s not all bad news for videogame adaptations as after years of speculation, pre-production woes and stop-starting, it looks like we’re finally getting a BioShock movie also courtesy of Netflix.

Moreover, regarding TV adaptations specifically, Umbrella Academy director Steve Blackman has reportedly signed on for the streamer’s upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn show.

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