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17th Nov 2018

Rick and Morty is being removed from Netflix next week

Wil Jones

Say it ain’t so.

Rick and Morty has had a quite an incredible rise. Starting out as a late night show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block, it is now a bone fide international phenomenon. Even if you’ve never seen it, you’ve definitely had multiple people bore you at parties telling you how amazing it is.

Seriously – just go into any HMV, and look at how much Rick and Morty merch there is – you are almost definitely getting some tat with “Gety Schwifty” written on it for Christmas from some random relative. That’s a really long way to have come for a show that started out as an obscene parody of Back to the Future, with Doc trying to get people to lick his testicles.

A big part of why it has made such a splash, in the UK at least, is due to it being on Netflix. All three series are there for you to chain whenever you wanted, if you were hungover, or pulling a sickie, or when you started watching that Oscar-nominated film that everyone recommended but you weren’t in the mood so you turned it off after ten minutes and just watched Pickle Rick again.


If you go to the Rick and Morty page on UK Netflix, it says that the show is only available until November 21st. Yes, you only have less than a week to binge on it all for a millionth time.

If you want to watch the show past then, you will have to actually pay money, for actual physical DVDs – remember those? They were shiny circular objects that had movies on them, and sometimes can free with Sunday newspapers. They were popular in the mid-00s.

Hopefully, the show will be back at some point. Adult Swim ordered a whopping 70 more episodes of Rick and Morty, to come in the near future, so we’d take a guess at those popping up on Netflix after they air in the US.