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07th Mar 2022

The Riddler’s website is likely counting down to even more of you-know-who

Rory Cashin

The message seems to be broadcasting from inside Arkham…

As with all things to do with this movie right now: SPOILERS AHEAD!

In the run-up to the release of The Batman, the trailers and posters featured the same cypher symbols that can be found throughout the movie itself, with fans cracking the code pretty quickly, leading them to the Rataalada website, with the “flying rat” having quite big plot connotations within the movie itself.

Before the movie arrived, fans could “chat” with Edward Nashton himself, who would ask you riddles and if you got them all right, you’d be awarded with some concept art from the movie.

Unlike most recent comic book movies, The Batman kept what felt like a post-credits scene for the end of actual movie, but there was one small tidbit at the very end of the credits, directing viewers to go back to the Rataalada website.

From the day the film was released, the website has changed, with the initial connecting code revealing that it is now coming from inside the corrections facility in Arkham, which is where The Riddler ends up in the movie.

You’re no longer able to “chat” with him, but there is a LOADING… countdown of sorts (at 40% at the time of writing), and a link to [CLICK FOR REWARD], which brings you to a .jpg titled Its_Not_Over_Yet, which you can see here:

Using the same code, the above translates to:

“You think I’m finished but perhaps you don’t know the full truth – every ending is a new beginning – something is coming”

This would indicate that when the loading hits 100%, something will be uploaded on to the Rataalada website, with one of the biggest hints of what it could include being that across all of the codes and cyphers found across all of the posters and trailers, 25 letters of the alphabet have been used, with the only letter not used even once being the letter J.

In a recent interview with Collider, director and co-writer Matt Reeves revealed that there is a deleted scene in the movie involving The Joker (Barry Keoghan), aka Mister J:

“There is a scene that I would love the audience to see that I didn’t put in,” said Reeves.

“Not because anyone asked me to cut it, but because I didn’t think that within the larger narrative it worked, that it was necessary. But it’s a really cool scene with that same unseen prisoner in Arkham.

“There was an earlier scene where Batman, because he’s getting these cards and letters from the Riddler, and he’s thinking, ‘why is this guy writing to me? I’m supposed to be anonymous and he’s putting a lens on me. I don’t like that,’ and so he goes to kind of profile this kind of serial killer.

“And you see him meeting with somebody who is obviously a serial killer himself, who, because it’s not Batman’s origin, but it is the origins of all these other characters, you’re seeing a version of this character who, yes, when you see the unknown prisoner, you’re like, ‘Well, gee, I think that’s who that is.’

“Well, that is who that is, but he’s not yet that character.”

If we were to guess, we’d say once we’ve reached 100% on the loading screen, that Silence of the Lambs-esque scene will be made available for viewers to check out.

Although they might also want to keep that scene for the Blu-Ray release, and something else entirely will pop up on the Rataalada website instead.

We’ll be sure to update you once it has been finally revealed (and if it turns out to be interesting enough to warrant writing about!).

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