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20th Apr 2019

WATCH: Robert De Niro describes Donald Trump as a “wannabe gangster”

Rudi Kinsella

Robert De Niro Trump

Except there’s one major difference between the two.

Robert De Niro and Donald Trump aren’t exactly the best of friends, in case you weren’t aware.

In the past, the legendary actor has described the current President of the United States as “totally nuts“, and going as far as saying that he wanted to punch him.

Trump himself has shot back in the past, referring to De Niro as “a very Low IQ individual”, and claiming that he is “punch-drunk.”

And by the looks of it, the feud isn’t going to die down anytime soon.

On a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, De Niro was talking about his upcoming gangster movie The Irishman.

When asked why he thinks the gangster genre is such a popular one, De Niro managed to squeeze Trump into his response.

He said: “I don’t know. It’s just that people like the outlaw type thing, except we have a wannabe gangster in the White House now.

“He’s a dumbbell. But even gangsters have morales. They have ethics, they have a code. When you give somebody your word, that’s your word. Because that’s all you have. This guy doesn’t even know what that means.”

Take a look here:

Clip via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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