Dermot Bannon's Room To Improve special ends tonight 5 months ago

Dermot Bannon's Room To Improve special ends tonight

Because who among us truly doesn't love a bit of Dermo in our lives?

It's Sunday - and although our schedules are already chock full with other popular culture moments that shall not be named, if reality telly about people cracking on isn't your thing, there are always other options.

Like reality TV about rich people dropping a load of cash on their new gaff.

You really do love to see it.

Room To Improve: Dermot's Home kicked off last weekend, bringing viewers on a wild ride of extensions, open planning and budgets that just kept growing and growing.

The two-part series documents Dermot's renovations of his own home in Dublin, following the man and his team from when they started working on the building in late 2018.

Part one didn't spare any drama, as everybody's favourite architect admitted that he had lost "all concept" of how big a house was supposed to be.

He also panicked about the budget, added more money to the budget, considered packing the whole thing in and generally just looked a bit stressed, really.

It was optimum viewing for anybody who's a fan of home renovations or celebrities feigning worry for the benefit of the audience - and tonight is set to be no different as Dermot finally unveils his home to the country.

And spoilers: it's probably going to be very nice indeed.

Room To Improve: Dermot's Home continues tonight at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.