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03rd Aug 2019

Teacher suspended after showing his class videos of Salad Fingers

Paul Moore

Salad Fingers

For anyone that loves rusty spoons. The trauma.

Granted, it has been quite some time since this author was in primary school but those joyful memories of watching a film in class still linger.

Remember when your teacher was ill and another teacher would wheel in the TV set that had a VCR attached? Ah, simpler times.

Anyway, while nature documentaries and the occasional film would usually fill the void of free class, I’m fairly certain that my class wasn’t shown anything that was too traumatic, or haunting.

However, that’s not the case for a certain class in the Nechako Lakes School District of Northern British Columbia, Canada because recently published documents show that a teacher was suspended for two days after he showed his students a variety of inappropriate films which featured puppets drawing skulls, caressing kettles and dead stick figure children.

The report states that “one (film) called Salad Fingers featured an animated character who says ‘the feeling of rust against my salad fingers is almost orgasmic’ followed by “I must caress your rusty kettle.”

The second film was called Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared which shows puppets drawing skulls. The third video was called the ASDFmovie which depicts stick characters stabbing each other in a fit of jealousy, and then a number of dead stick children.

“Students reported finding these films weird, creepy and inappropriate,” said Education Commissioner Howard Kushner.

After complaints were made, the teacher resigned on 16 March, 2018, and two months later, he had to retake a teaching course that was called Reinforcing Respectful Professional Boundaries.

It’s understood that he’s currently teaching in a remote community.

After hearing the news, the creator of Salad Fingers, David Firth, has called for the viral cartoon to be shown to all children.

In fact, he believes that it should be mandatory.

To be honest, we agree.

You can relive the trauma here.

Clip via David Firth

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