First footage from Season 14 of Always Sunny brings back memories of a classic episode 2 years ago

First footage from Season 14 of Always Sunny brings back memories of a classic episode

Always Sunny returns this month.

Given the fact that Always Sunny has consistently made fun of shows that retreads old episodes and features clip shows - The Gang Recycles Their Trash, The Gang Does A Clip Show, The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies Reboot being the prime examples -  they still always bring something new to the table.


However, the sheer mention of a table in Always Sunny will probably bring back hilarious flashbacks of a classic Always Sunny adventure, The Gang Dines Out.

It's true that one image can tell a thousand words and you know exactly what we're talking about...

Well, fresh from his recent holiday around Ireland, Rob McElhenney has gone straight back to work as Ronald McDonald-himself (always funny) is editing the new episodes and it appears that the gang are dining out again.


Of course, we all remember how their last visit to a restaurant played out. Dennis was obsessed with having Frank pay him a tribute, Frank and his glorious toupee doubled-down on their refusal to do so, Sweet Dee dined on her own and nearly drove that poor waiter to drink, while Charlie and Mac, well, they were just staring at each other.

Well, if this latest clip is anything to go by, the gang's next trip to a restaurant is going to be interesting because they're all prepared to let Frank choke on some food.

We reckon he was getting stuck into some rum ham, or a grilled Charlie.

Either way, we're definitely going to be watching The Gang Chokes when it airs.


As for the rest of Season 14, it's set to premiere in the US on 25 September and the new season will feature an episode about global warming, a Waiting for Godot-themed laser tag adventure, and an episode where the gang put their apartments up for rent on AirBnB in an effort to find love — which will be one of two episodes directed by Glenn Howerton (Dennis).

The gang are also set to revisit Thunder Gun Express, which will feature a cameo from Dolph Lundgren.

Bring it on.