Season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming to Netflix in March 5 months ago

Season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming to Netflix in March

Cool, cool, cool. A binge-watch is definitely in order.

God bless the Twitter admins for Netflix.

Whenever the social media team for the online streaming giant online state that a new show or film is arriving in the Netflix library, their replies are usually inundated with questions about the new season of Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Well, we're delighted to say that the new adventures of Jake Peralta and co. will be available for your binge-watch pleasures from 28 March.

Oh yes, 18 episodes for you to get stuck into.

Granted, this is just an appetiser of what's to come because Season 7 of the beloved comedy will also be airing in the US in the next few weeks.

Deadline have confirmed that New York's finest cops will launch their 13-episode seventh season on 6 February with an hour-long premiere on NBC.

In terms of the plot, not much is known but now that Holt has been demoted to patrol, it's bound to change things up.

The silver lining, however, is that Terry (Terry Crews) will remain at the Nine-Nine after Wuntch increased their budget to accommodate an additional lieutenant.

"Andre Braugher is an officer, he's not a captain," Crews told Entertainment Weekly. "I am the lieutenant, I am in his office. It's so bizarre, I still don't feel like it's mine. We love to turn things on its ear. It's so wild because we're all changing and growing."

As per the norm, we fully expect to see Season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine being aired in Ireland via Channel 4, E4, and (eventually) Netflix.