Here are the SEVEN movies still to come to cinemas in September we're very excited about 11 months ago

Here are the SEVEN movies still to come to cinemas in September we're very excited about

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The nights are getting longer, but the movies are getting better as we get closer to Oscar season.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that IT Chapter Two was the only big release in cinemas in September, because obviously the biggest horror of the year (and, potentially, of all time) is going to get a lot of attention!

But we're very happy to tell you that there are actually a lot of other great movies on the way in the next four weeks, with everything from action to drama to horror to big Oscar-magnet dramas.

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EXTRA ORDINARY (Friday 13 September)

If you didn't make it along to The Big Reviewski preview screening, then you should definitely head along when this Irish paranormal comedy arrives in cinemas. We described it as Father Ted meets Ghostbusters, and we stand by that!

DOWNTON ABBEY (Friday 13 September)

There are two types of people in the world. Those who have never seen an episode of the show, and those who have seen every single episode and are over the moon about the arrival of this movie. If you're in the latter, then you'll be very happy to hear that you don't have very long to wait until you get to spend more time with these lovely people, in this lovely estate, preparing for the arrival of the royal family!

HUSTLERS (Friday 13 September)

Jennifer Lopez, Carbi B, Lizzo, and more star in this true story about a group of strippers who come up with a plan to swindle a group of rich bankers out of their money. Think a female Magic Mike, meets Ocean's 8, and you're kind of on the right path.

Clip via STX Entertainment UK & Ireland

AD ASTRA (Wednesday 18 September)

Brad Pitt is an astronaut who discovers that his long-dead father (Tommy Lee Jones, also an astronaut) is actually super not-dead, but may have discovered a highly dangerous material in the far reaches of space, and only Pitt can potentially talk him back down to Earth. Early reviews for this have been overwhelmingly positive.

Clip via 20th Century Fox

RAMBO LAST BLOOD (Thursday 19 September)

37 years since First Blood, it looks like Stallone is finally putting Rambo to bed, but not before shooting loads of bad guys and blowing up loads of cars and buildings and stuff. There is definitely a Sicario / Unforgiven vibe to the trailers so far, so it could be that Sly is going to end this franchise on a high.

THE GOLDFINCH (Friday 27 September)

Irish director John Crowley (Intermission, Brooklyn) is going to get some serious Oscar-attention for this adaptation of the much-loved novel. Ansel Elgort plays a young man who loses his mother in a terrorist attack in New York, and is taken in by a rich family in the aftermath. Co-stars Nicole Kidman, Jeffrey Wright, Sarah Paulson, and Luke Wilson.

Clip via Warner Bros. UK

READY OR NOT (Friday 27 September)

Samara Weaving (who apparently is NOT a genetic clone of Margot Robbie) stars in the darkly comedic horror about a new bride who finds she is to be hunted by her massively wealthy new in-laws on the night of her wedding, and she must do whatever she can to survive.

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