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01st Aug 2018

In celebration of the greatest movie of all time being released, there is a shark movie festival happening in Ireland

Rory Cashin

Just one more week before the landmark moment in modern cinema finally hits the big screen…

In case you didn’t know, we are pretty excited about the arrival of The Meg.

We’re pretty sure it is going to be the Greatest Movie Of All Time, and it is clear that other people share that opinion, as cinemas in Dublin and Galway have set up a SHAAAARK! Mini Movie Festival, clearly in its honour.

A few weeks back, when we were in the depths of Shark Week, we asked what was your favourite shark movie, and you didn’t disappoint:

Both the Light House Cinema in Dublin and the Palas Cinema in Galway will be showing three of those four great (or “great”) shark movies in the days leading up to the release of The Meg.

Dates and times are applicable for both cinemas:

Jaws – Tues 7 Aug – 8.30pm

Deep Blue Sea – Wed 8 Aug – 9.00pm

Sharknado – Thurs 9 Aug – 8.45pm

We really do think they could’ve fit in another screening of The Shallows (it was unappreciated in its own time!), but if means they need to take those extra few days to prepare for the release of The Meg on Friday 10 August, then we can totally understand that…

Clip via Warner Bros. Pictures

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