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16th Nov 2019

Sin City is coming back as a TV show

Dave Hanratty

Sin City TV show

A series to kill for.

It may not have aged spectacularly well, but the big screen adaptation of Sin City felt somewhat revolutionary when it happened along in 2005.

Coated in stylised black-and-white, laced with throwaway ultra-violence and boasting an impressive cast of eye-catching characters, the movie registered as an instant cult favourite.

Despite doing only alright – $160 million all told – a sequel was given the green light, with 2014’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For landing with a thud as a box office and critical bomb. With that, Frank Miller’s graphic novel property seemed done and dusted.

Until now.

Deadline reports that Legendary Television has officially closed a deal with Miller to resurrect Sin City as a television series. Furthermore, director Robert Rodriguez, who helmed the 2005 film alongside Miller, is said to be a close to a deal to return in an executive producer capacity.

It is unclear if the pair will step behind the camera again, but a first season of the show is essentially guaranteed so long as a TV network or streaming platform takes an interest.

As part of the deal, an adult-focused animated Sin City prequel series will also be put into production.

Start your small-screen fan-casting now…

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