Single and living in rural Ireland? You may want to apply for this new dating show 1 year ago

Single and living in rural Ireland? You may want to apply for this new dating show

Dating can be hard.

You meet someone. You go out. You like them. You don't like them.


You go out with them some more. You meet their friends. You agonise over whether this is going to go anywhere or not.

You end it. Or they end it with you. And the painful cycle continues all over again.

It's a difficult scenario to find yourself in - one that is only made more difficult when you happen to live in the countryside, where the options are often limited to everybody you went to school with... or the small pool of people who come home for Christmas.

Sure, the likes of Tinder and Bumble might make meeting new people that little bit easier, but if you're living in a small town, there's only so many folk you're going to be able to swipe on.

Never fear though, because there's a new dating show coming in 2020 for those among us who are dying to meet someone - but can't.

Whether it's due to a rural location, work commitments, or the simple fact that every fish in the sea appears to have passed them by, sometimes finding love can be hard.


Which is only the more reason to apply for a rural Irish dating show, right?

Kite Entertainment (the folks who bring us Gogglebox Ireland and Ireland's Fittest Family) are currently on the hunt for some singletons from the countryside.

They want to match some rural romantics up with potential dates, who are willing to swap their city life for less urban way of living.

People of all ages and genders are encouraged to apply for the show too, to ensure that the countryside dating pool gets that little bit wider.


If all of the above sounds like you - or someone you know - you can contact, or call 087-2301210.

Go on. You might as well.