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13th Aug 2023

The six most side-splittingly funny moments from Step Brothers

Rudi Kinsella

Step Brothers

One of the funniest movies of all time.

Step Brothers is 15 years old this year.

And if you’re anything like us, you’ve watched the movie absolutely loads of times.

But we feel very confident in saying that you will have no problem with seeing the most laugh-out-loud moments from the movie one more time.

We’ve compiled a list of the six funniest moments from the movie. We bet you’ll laugh. You can try not to, but you will…

So much room for activities.

Of course we’re starting this one…

What do you do when you suddenly become best friends with your step brother? You make bunk beds, obviously…

Clip via Movieclips

The job interview

Here we see the two lads revolutionise job interviews forever, with just a few simple words: “Actually, we’ll be interviewing as a team. We’re here to fuck shit up”.

And fuck shit up they did.

Clip via ViralVideos

A combination of Fergie and Jesus

Just sit back and enjoy the songbird of our generation. But take into account that he has had a “sore throat for a month and a half”.

Clip via Nathan

Sweet love of mine

Here we see Brennan’s younger, more successful brother gift us with his family’s rendition of ‘Sweet child of mine’.

His kids give it a go, but his wife is “flat. So flat.”

Clip via inkme1983

This is a house of learned doctors.

We’ve seen the movie about 100 times now, and we still have no idea what Brennan was going for here…

Clip via Funny Clips

Coming to terms with it

The hilarious conversation between Dale and Brennan with their parents.

The iconic “I won’t call him dad. Even if there’s a fire” line will go down in movie history.

Clip via GergTheDerg

*Updated from article first published in 2018.

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Step Brothers