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03rd Mar 2018

“We discovered our inner sliced pan!” – People are still recovering from The Late Late Show

Rory Cashin

The snow must go on…

Where to even begin with the total randomness that was Friday night’s The Late Late Show?

Due to the inclement weather, the majority of Tubridy’s guest cancelled, as did most of the audience, and we were treated to a minimalist episode, but one that felt so weird we wouldn’t be surprised if David Lynch’s name popped up as director during the end credits.

Highlights of the episode have got to include Joe Duffy talking about Ireland not “making any unnecessary sandwiches”:

Marty Morrissey inexplicably becoming a wedding correspondent – by actually crashing someone’s wedding – and then going on to introduce the world to the bride, who comes from “Brazil… in South America”:

And last but not least, there was Ryan bringing on two guests literally OFF THE STREET. While some nay-sayers can sometimes not be the biggest fans of Tubridy’s hosting skills, you can’t deny the fact that he handled this episodes’ perfect storm of weirdness very well.

Of course, with Storm Emma keeping everyone indoors, we’d guess that the viewing figures were even higher than usual, which then leads to more people responding to what they’re seeing by taking to Twitter and – in typical Irish fashion – being as hilarious as possible about what was going down: