Squid Game is officially Netflix's biggest ever series launch 1 year ago

Squid Game is officially Netflix's biggest ever series launch

The show has already been watched by 111 million viewers worldwide.

South Korean survival drama Squid Game is officially Netflix's biggest ever series launch, according to the streaming service.


For those who haven't checked out the show yet - which we would heartily recommend you to do - it tells the story of a group of cash-strapped people who accept a strange invitation to compete in what's revealed to be killer children's games for a massive prize.

The nine-episode series premiered on Netflix on 17 September with little buzz before its release.

Yet, probably thanks to its inventive, instantly iconic imagery and set-pieces, as well as its emotional weight and timely themes, Squid Game has already reached 111 million viewers worldwide in 28 days, making it the streamers' biggest series launch to date.

It beats the previous record-holder Bridgerton, which had amassed 82 million views from Netflix users over the same time period after its release.


It should be noted that the streaming service counts anyone who watches at least two minutes of an episode as a view.

That said, it is still a remarkable achievement for a non-English language series to crossover into the mainstream in such a massive way.


For those who have watched the series, be sure to take JOE's special Squid Game quiz.

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