5 of the best 2021 movies and shows on Disney+ you might have missed 4 days ago

5 of the best 2021 movies and shows on Disney+ you might have missed

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As the nights get longer and the days get colder, we're all spending more and more indoors, looking for more shows and movies to entertain us!

There is a chance that over the summer some of these might have passed you by, or you've already got them on your "To Watch" list. So now is the perfect time to get acquainted with some of the best stuff Disney+ have added in 2021 so far...


Disney and Marvel team up for their third hit series set within the MCU - following the incredibly popular WandaVision and The Falcon & The Winter Soldier - and this time they're focusing on that God of Mischief, magnificently played by Tom Hiddleston.

Events pick up directly following Loki's disappearance in the middle of Avengers: Endgame, and the ramifications of this series will be felt throughout the entirety of the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In fact, we loved this show so much, we dedicated an entire season of our podcast TBR Spotlight to it! You can check out the first episode of that podcast below (and the rest are all available wherever you get your podcasts), and all six episodes of Loki are available to watch right now on Disney+.



Disney and Pixar's latest collaboration gives us an incredibly sunny glimpse into a new friendship that blossoms over one summer in Italy.

We see Luca (voiced by Jacob Tremblay) and Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer) in a gloriously-realised seafront fishing village, both forced into hiding their true selves (they're both sea creatures that can disguise as humans when on dry land), for fear of retribution from the fearful locals in the town.

We chatted to the movie's director and producer in the run-up to the movie's release, and you can check out that interview below. Luca is available to watch on Disney+ right now.



Set in the aftermath of the amazing Monsters Inc., right when the employees at the Scare Factory discover that children's laughter is a more powerful form of energy than their scared screams, we're introduced to Tylor (Ben Feldman), a mechanic who dreams of working alongside his idols Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman).

Episodes of Monsters At Work are streaming now, check it out...



A sequel-of-sorts to Tom Hanks' hit 1989 comedy, we meet US Marshall Scott Turner (Josh Peck), the son of Tom Hanks' character in that movie, who inherits an unruly dog that may end up being exactly the partner he needs in order to solve the suspicious circumstances around his father's death.

Episodes of Turner & Hooch are streaming now and here's a sneak peek at the brand new show...



A sequel and spin-off to the hit Clone Wars series, this time we focus on Clone Force 99 - a group of elite clone troopers with genetic mutations - that are sent on a series of extremely dangerous missions in the aftermath of the Clone Wars.

A must-watch for Star Wars fans looking to fill in more of the franchise's rich mythology and history.

Episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch are streaming now. May the Force... and this trailer... be with you...

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