Tenet will be available to watch on NOW in May 6 months ago

Tenet will be available to watch on NOW in May

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Great news for anyone looking to enjoy a properly BIG blockbuster movie at home.


Because of, well, everything that happened in 2020, the blockbuster season we've all come to know and love each and every summer didn't arrive.

Which isn't to say that 2020 completely left us without any big budget movies to enjoy, and without a doubt, the biggest and most-talked-about of them all from last year was Tenet.

Christopher Nolan's (the guy behind The Dark Knight Trilogy) massive science-fiction action-adventure sees a group of secret agents attempting to stop a time-travelling terrorist from putting a stop to existence as we know it.

The movie stars John Michael Washington (who we interviewed about the movie, right here), Kenneth Branagh (same), and Robert Pattison and Elizabeth Debicki (and we also interviewed both of these, too), and features some of the biggest action set-pieces ever put to film, including the already-infamous 747 heist scene.

Perfect viewing for anyone with a big telly and some loud speakers!

Tenet will be available to watch on NOW from Friday, 7 May.

Also, if you want to have a bit of a Nolan Marathon, you'll be happy to hear that Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, and Interstellar are all available to watch on NOW right now, too.


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