This week on TG4’s Finné we meet former gambling addict Tony 1 year ago

This week on TG4’s Finné we meet former gambling addict Tony

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Tony's addiction came to a head when he stole €1.75 million euro from his work


Did you know that TG4 are producing some of the best Irish documentaries of recent years? Their show Finné is back for a second series and shining a light into more dark corners of Irish society.

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s recent documentary output, you need to catch up on this amazing home produced content. 

Finné means ‘witness’ as gaeilge, and that’s the concept of the series. Each episode features a riveting first person testimony, from a fascinating Irish person. Expect some heart wrenching and jaw dropping moments in each instalment.

The show airs every Wednesday evening at 9:30pm. 

Tony's story

This week, Tony O’Reilly or ‘Tony 10’ tells his story. He was a Post Office manager in Gorey when he stole €1.75 million euro from work to sustain his gambling addiction.

O’Reilly started off with a one pound bet on a soccer match in 1998. Holland were up against Argentina during the world cup, and he had just finished up his shift as a barman in Scraggs in Carlow town. He bet on Holland’s Patrick Kluivert to score first.


Tony loved the rush gambling gave him, it became occasional and a bit of fun. It wasn’t until he discovered online gambling with Paddy Power that it became serious. He used a pseudonym – ‘Tony Ten’ – and it became his own dirty little secret.

Soon he was betting up to €40,000 at a time, risking all his savings- including his wedding deposit. Eventually he had won and lost over €10 million euro through his online betting account. 

After stealing the Post Office money, he was sentenced to 4 years in prison, and the addiction that had tormented him for years was finally over.

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Brought to you by TG4