TG4 publish their movie line-up for the Christmas period 1 year ago

TG4 publish their movie line-up for the Christmas period

Shrek as Gaeilge.

TG4 has put out their line-up of movies for Christmas week and some of them will be perfect family viewing for your days off over the season.


There's also what's sure to be the spectacle of the Irish language version of Shrek, wherein Eddie Murphy's character is presumably named Asal and Shrek's Scottish accent is replaced by some strange Irish equivalent.

Shrek (as Gaeilge) will be shown at 5.20pm on Christmas Day, followed by an Irish classic in Into The West at 6.55pm.

There'll be no problem getting the kids to settle down on Christmas Eve with Dr. Seuss film The Lorax on at 5.20pm, and for anyone staying up for Santa Clause, Dirty Dancing will be starting at 11pm.

Here are the other 12 movies that TG4 will be showing this Christmas.

Around the World in 80 Days - 23 December 1pm

Happy Feet Two (Irish Language Version) - 23 December 5:20pm 

Angels & Demons - 23 December 9:30pm


As Good as it Gets - Stephens' Day 10:40pm

Rear Window - 28 December 1:20pm

Fargo - 28 December 10:20pm

Flight of the Doves - 29 December 1:10pm

Mr. Bean's Holidays - 30 December 5:20pm


Apollo 13 - 30 December 9:30pm

Catch-22 - New Year's Day 10:30pm

A Star is Born - 3 January 1pm

Juno - 4 January 9:45pm