The Batman may have found its perfect Bruce Wayne and Henry Cavill's stint as Superman might not be over yet 10 months ago

The Batman may have found its perfect Bruce Wayne and Henry Cavill's stint as Superman might not be over yet

Interesting times in the DC Universe.

Michael B. Jordan doesn't need tights and a cape to prove that he's Superman because aside from his remarkable skill as an actor, he's already making changes around the world after insisting that any film he works on adopts an inclusion rider.

Aside from this, the star of Black Panther and Creed has already touched the sky and battled villains when he starred in the comic-book films Chronicle and Fantastic Four and the actor was recently linked with playing the Man of Steel.

The future of the current Superman, Henry Cavill, has been thrown into some doubt in recent days, but the star of Mission: Impossible - Fallout and The Man from U.N.C.L.E has posted a cryptic message on Instagram which could be interpreted as a sign that his days as Kal-El might not be numbered yet.

Then again, this post might mean absolutely nothing.

Who knows? If only the world's greatest detective knew Superman personally. Oh wait!


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Cavill isn't the only member of the Justice League that might be revoking their membership, as a new contender to potentially replace Ben Affleck as Batman has emerged.

Mad Men and The Town star Jon Hamm has said that he's very interested in donning the cape and cowl in Matt Reeves' standalone film, The Batman.

At present, nothing official has been announced regarding Affleck's future, but it's looking increasingly likely that we're going to be getting a new Batman.

To be honest, it doesn't require the biggest leap of the imagination to see Hamm in the role. Aside from being physically imposing, his performance as Don Draper perfected the confident, cocky and suave demeanour that defines the billionaire Bruce Wayne.

"I have had rumours about that since probably season one of Mad Men," said Hamm in an interview with Graham Bensinger.

"I have never had a conversation with anybody about it, literally. And I've sat in the room with all these guys. I have never been offered anything. I think the internet wants what it wants. But, I mean, a lot of people have to sign off on that, obviously not just the internet."

"It depends on the script, what the story is," Hamm added.

"I am a huge comic book fan, always have been. I've read comic books since I was nine or younger. And I'm pretty knowledgeable about a lot of them. And I like the genre, and I like when they're done well."

So, if called to the cowl, would he serve? He's upbeat about the concept.

"I'd probably fit the suit. I'd have to work out a lot, which I don't love. But, I am sure there's an interesting version of that being out there. And if they wanted to tap me on the shoulder and ask me to do it, why not?"

Batman fans, what do you make of this potential casting choice?

One thing is for sure, he couldn't be any hammier than George Clooney in Batman and Robin.

You can see the whole interview below.

Clip via Graham Bensinger