Henry Cavill is reportedly no longer playing Superman in the DC movies 3 years ago

Henry Cavill is reportedly no longer playing Superman in the DC movies

It doesn't look good for the future of the Justice League.

The Hollywood Reporter have announced that Henry Cavill is no longer set to play Clark Kent / Superman in future DC movies for Warner Bros.


Apparently, they wanted Cavill to make an appearance in the upcoming Shazam movie (which looks like a lot of fun to us), but negotiations broke down and now he's out entirely.

Given the rumours swirling that Ben Affleck will also no longer be returning as Batman, it does seem like the Justice League is falling apart.

DC have Aquaman coming out this December, followed by Shazam in April 2019, and Wonder Woman 1984 in November 2019, but everything after that is still TBC.

It is a little bit unfortunate, as while Cavill wasn't given great Superman movies to be in, he was a pretty great Superman independent of the stories his version of the character had been dropped in.


Plus, Man Of Steel made $668 million worldwide, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice made $873 million, and Justice League made $660 million.

So... yeah, critics pretty much hated them (as did a lot of DC fans), but they still made bank.

When we spoke to Cavill in the lead up to the release of Justice League, it sounded like there were some big Superman stories he still wanted to sink his teeth into, but it doesn't look like that'll be happening anymore.